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The cryptocurrency community in Argentina is no longer just a fringe group: CryptoChica

Time has passed since the Ethereum community and the rest of cryptocurrencies settled in Argentina. So much so that it has now grown from a fringe group of people working with crypto assets and blockchains to an entire industry.

This is proposed by Romina, aka CryptoChica, who is an Ethereum network enthusiast, co-founder of ETH Kipu and governance coordinator at Seed Latam. She gave a presentation at the event ETH Argentina 2023which takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

According to the activist, there are more and more people working or operating in the cryptocurrency ecosystem from Argentinian soil. In his opinion, “We are already too many to be a fringe group” which lies in the universe of crypto assets and blockchains.

“We have an entire industry,” he affirmed, and called for it to be defended “against legal attacks, corporations and controls.” “Let’s fully defend what we have because it’s ours. “We have a fairly healthy ecosystem, but we can’t rest on our laurels,” he argued.

Without politicizing his speech, CryptoChica recalled the recent primary elections in Argentina, dubbed PASO 2023, in which liberal businessman Javier Milei took part With 31.1% of the votes counted, he emerged as the winner.

Given that Milei will face five other candidates in Argentina’s general election in October, Etherean commented:

“We know there are difficult months ahead for the Argentines, but we have to build, build and keep building. It’s like a mantra. This country is moving forward with blockchain.”

Romina, also known as CryptoChica, gave a presentation during the ETH Argentina 2023 event. Source: ETH Argentina.

The History of Ethereum in Argentina

During her presentation, alias CryptoChica gave a review of the history of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in Argentina. Specifically, it is about Ethereum, which is the second most important blockchain on the market after Bitcoin.

He reminded that since 2014 people in Argentina started talking about Ethereum as a technology. That too since 2016 started projects to promote community building around this blockchain.

These projects include games, like crypto wars. This video game was built on the Ethereum chain. It was developed by local company Loom Network in 2017 but only lasted a few years.

Other initiatives also stand out, such as the Nomic Foundation, a development company that promotes Hardhat, an environment for software developers created in Argentina. This “is one of the largest, most established and important public goods in the industry,” CryptoChica said.

The assured CryptoChica as early as mid-2023 In Argentina, hundreds of communities are already working on Ethereum development. “There has been an explosion of Ethereum companies, communities and platforms, and I think it will continue to grow,” he said.

In this sense, he called for the unity of the actors of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in Argentina, “because we all know that at certain times there are confrontations or frictions” between the different existing initiatives.

“And I think it’s time to work more together in Argentina and Latin America, because we’re a very big crypto pole and we’re the ones using cryptocurrencies.” It’s time to show that to the global ecosystem. ”

Romina, also known as CryptoChica, Ethereum activist.

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