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The documentary shows how Bitcoin solves “real problems” for Latin Americans

Important facts:
  • The documentary could reach Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming platforms.

  • The audiovisual document will consist of 5 episodes currently in production.

The ways in which Bitcoin (BTC) and its technology have made it possible to solve various everyday problems of Latin American residents will be documented and presented in an audiovisual production with a Mexican seal and origin.

“Story about the introduction of Bitcoin” is the name of the documentary that is produced by the Mexican audiovisual company Panorámica Filmsbased in Guadalajara.

The director of the documentary and executive director of the production company, Christian Lara, gave details of the audiovisual project he is undertaking. He He participated in a discussion organized by Geyser Fund, a fundraising platform that uses BTC.

According to Lara, this documentary aims to show how Bitcoin works is able to solve “real problems” of Latin AmericansFor example, how the value is transferred and secured is documented.

“With this project we will explain complex issues and solve them with people’s experience. Therefore, we are sure that the documentary imparts knowledge and deals with people’s different realities,” he said.

According to Lara, the documentary is likely to bring a lot of publicity to the project reach the streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, he also assumes that it will be broadcast on YouTube and on the social network X.

Five episodes with true stories

Director Christian Lara explained in an interview what the episodes of the documentary are about “Story about the introduction of bitcoin“. TOHe clarified that each of them is in the production phase and that there is still no scheduled premiere date for the documentary.

Lara said that with every delivery will focus on people’s feelings and reactions that are part of the project. “As the director of the documentary, I’m focused on the reality and the need for people who can solve deep problems with BTC,” he said.

“I want to capture that human sense and see how the people who will appear in the documentary have their own experiences with technology to capture this moment of discovering what bitcoin is,” he argued.

The documentary by Panorámica Films aims to highlight the emotions of Bitcoin users in Latin America. Source: X

Lara revealed that the first episode of the documentary will show the experiences of Zoe, a Cuban migrant living in Mexico who have learned to transfer money to their relatives using Bitcoin who are on the Caribbean island.

The second episode focuses on Bitcoin Beach Mexico, a Yucatan citadel inspired by Bitcoin Beach El Salvador. As he pointed out will show the reality of this circular economy based on BTC and how this asset is used in this Mexican city.

The third episode, Christian Lara said, will focus on the Maní community, also in Yucatán, Mexico. where the community is taught the ancient practices of the Mayans, including the production of honey by bees. This episode shows how a bitcoin company became interested in distributing the product across America by using BTC to buy honey and paying beekeepers directly for it.

The fourth part of the documentary is based on the history of Casa Bitcoin, also in Yucatan, Mexico. It tells how a multidisciplinary space inspired by and aligned with BTC was created in the center of the Mexican city of Merida.

And the fifth episode tells the story of Alejandra Guajardo, nicknamed “Miss Bitcoin”. It is shown how this model was able to realize her dream of entering the Miss Universe pageant on behalf of her country, El Salvador. Hand in hand with bitcoin

Bitcoin inspires audiovisual production

“Story about the introduction of Bitcoin” joins the list of other audiovisual productions inspired by the first cryptocurrency and its technology. Since he arrived 14 years ago BTC has been the protagonist of several documentaries and investigations.

Bull Run was recently released, a documentary that humorously explores the speculative side of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As CriptoNoticias reports, it is a documentary comedy which tells the experiences of the director and creator of a feature filmAna Ramón Rubio.

This documentary has already been released and actually entered the competition of Órbites de Cinema Jove, the International Film Festival of Valencia, Spain. It is estimated that audiovisual production will soon reach streaming platforms as well.

The Spanish documentary Bull Run was able to collect 320,000 euros for its production. This happened through a tokenization process, as reported by CriptoNoticias in 2021.

There are also other audiovisual parts based on Bitcoin such as “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” (2014), “Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” (2015) and “Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution” ( 2017). To find out what other documentation exists about BTC, visit this CriptoNoticias article.

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