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“The great flood is coming, so come to the Ark to save yourself with Bitcoin”: Max Keizer

At the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, American Bitcoin experts Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert used biblical references to describe what is happening to fiat money in the world and to Bitcoin (BTC) in El Salvador.

“What is coming is a great flood” said Kaiser in relation to the The financial crisis is spreading across the planet.

“AND We are building the Ark in El Salvadorso anyone who wants to save themselves is welcome, but if you want to get off the boat then fuck off,” added the host of Bitcoin podcast The Orange Pill.

The bitcoin couple has been based in Salvadoran territory since last year, where they promote the adoption of the cryptocurrency pioneer and run the National Bitcoin Bureau.

They used to use that expression in the past Super hyper bitcoinization of El Salvador, which is why panel moderator Joe Hall wanted to know why they were using such a superfluous term? “It’s a term that responds to the hyperinflation that’s plaguing the world,” Keizer replied.

He added that there is some urgency in terms of global rollout because The countries with the greatest adoption of Bitcoin are those with financial systems that have already collapsedLike Lebanon for example.

“There is an urgency in these countries to adopt Bitcoin People who have BTC survive. But there are states that believe they have better urgency because they claim to be the empire or the best currency in the world. However, that will change very quickly. That’s why we have overjoyed bitcoin eyes in El Salvador.”

Max Keizer, American bitcoiner and journalist.

A country moving forward with bitcoin bonds

Keizer and Herbert also spoke about bitcoin bonds on stage at the Miami conference, which caused a lot of anticipation.

“We’re pushing ahead with the volcanic bonds and actually launching the bitcoin mining and energy infrastructure project in El Salvador,” Herbert said.

Max Keizer on stage at Bitcoin 2023 – Source: Bitcoin Magazine – YouTube

Both were very optimistic about the launch of Bitcoin bonds. And they assert that the Central American country will soon emerge as the nation with “the most powerful bitcoin mining operation in the world.”

This means that according to this estimate, the Central American country will oust the US as the nation with the most computing power to mine Bitcoin.

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