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The Ibex 35 stocks with the greatest potential and strategies to capitalize on it

The month of April, marked by the start of the earnings season, was not as calm for the Ibex 35 as investors would have liked, although there seems to be more stability after the turbulent March. But as the saying goes: “In murky waters the profits of fishermen”. No fewer than six selective stocks start May with a potential of over 40%.

In addition, the start of the year for Spanish banks in the IBEX 35 was spectacular, but fears of a financial crisis shook the sector on the stock exchange. The string of banks falling like dominoes has shaken investor confidence, but with the quarterly earnings season almost over, analysts remain bullish on Spanish stocks with potentials in some cases in excess of 50%.

The month of May begins with one of the most important days for investors of the IBEX 35. Two of the most important listed companies of the selective exchange, Banco Santander and Inditex, have rewarded the loyalty of their shareholders with a dividend rain in the millions.

On the other hand, the month of May begins in full avalanche of the release of quarterly results. As always, the financial statements of listed companies from January to March will help us assess whether the 2023 targets and full year forecasts are credible, overly optimistic or too far away and therefore the estimates need to be revised. So far there haven’t been many surprises. “It is already known that the most important thing is not what they did from January to March, which is already in the past, but what is expected for the next quarters and semesters,” says fundamental analyst María Mira.

Meanwhile, recession fears persist in the US following the regional bank crisis. The stock markets of the old continent are also being penalized because of the reflex effect of this fear, albeit to a lesser extent. However, the fact is that European stocks performed better in 2023 compared to the US. In fact, there are many European indices that are close to the highs. Independent technical analysts Mónica Triana and Carlos Gil reviewed the stock market news.

Another focus continues to be defense investment, which is increasing amid international tensions. Defense actions, to the maximum and with the catalyst of the war and NATO.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February last year not only hit defense budgets but also turned energy markets upside down. In no time at all, governments, businesses and citizens became aware of the risks of dependence on fossil fuels (and certain unreliable countries). The answer has been to accelerate the clean energy transition, but it will not be an easy task. Not cheap either.

As far as megatrends go, it seems incredible that two of the biggest investing in the stock market should be at odds. On the one hand, the world is getting fat and eating poorly, at least the first world, and on the other hand, this first world is worried about losing weight. Well, we can “invest” in these investment megatrends on the stock exchange.

Price action is one of the most studied phenomena in the financial world and is used in the investment industry. The evidence that stock markets move according to trends is overwhelming, and not knowing how to behave afterwards is a luxury no investor can afford. We will teach you how to use it and practice it live for 2 months.

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