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The price of gold hits an all-time high amid the banking crisis

Important facts:
  • Gold is the most capitalized financial asset in the world.

  • Investor Robert Kiyosaki recommends buying gold and bitcoin to prepare for crises.

Gold is trading at $2,043 an ounce at the time of this writing. It is the maximum historical value for buying and selling the precious metal.

The raise silk amidst a crisis that is hitting several banks in the United States and other parts of the world. Both institutional and retail investors see gold as a haven of value given the instability in the banking industry that is already leaving several victims in its wake.

Gold Ounce Price in US Dollars – Source: trading view.

It’s worth clarifying this all-time high refers to the nominal price of gold in dollars. On the other hand, if the valuation were adjusted to reflect the dollar’s depreciation, the historical maximum is in 1980shortly after the United States went off the gold standard for its economy.

About the decision to take refuge in gold to protect the legacy, popular writer and investor Robert Kiyosaki has spoken out on several occasions. CriptoNoticias reported in December 2021 that the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad recommended buying gold, silver, Bitcoin (BTC) and bullets in preparation for the coming crises.

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