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the reasons for tourists to visit El Salvador

Important facts:
  • According to Valdez, more than 2 million visitors came to El Salvador in August.

  • The official explains how Bitcoin has helped El Salvador boost tourism.

Since Bitcoin (BTC) became legal tender in El Salvador, tourism to this Central American country has grown steadily. In August alone, more than 2 million people came here, attracted by security, surfing and the introduction of the first cryptocurrency.

So that it Indian the Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, Morena Valdez, who took part in a panel discussion on September 8, 2023, to mark the second anniversary of the legal introduction of Bitcoin in that country.

According to Valdez, the acceptance of Bitcoin was “proud” of the tourism portfolio he leadsas this sector has grown to the point where there are visitors who choose to stay in this country, especially digital nomads and Bitcoiners.

“For our tourism, the legal introduction of Bitcoin was another advantage,” said the official, who explained that the number of tourists who arrived in August was low more than $2.1 billion in foreign exchange earnings.

“The majority of visitors come from the USA and Canada. We also saw a 50% increase in visitors from South America and Europe. The three reasons they come to El Salvador are security, Surf City and Bitcoin,” said Morena Valdez.

For them, “the data doesn’t lie.” and they say that Bitcoin has helped them have a lot more visits. “Most people are attracted because El Salvador is the first country to adopt BTC as legal tender. Visitors then see all the tourist destinations,” he explained.

Valdez pointed to El Zonte, the city where Bitcoin Beach was born, one of the first Bitcoin citadels in the world. According to the minister This space “was a pioneer in the implementation of BTC”which, in his opinion, was not easy.

“It used to be just surfing, now it’s Bitcoin too.” “Let’s continue to raise awareness, educate and let the world know what we have in the country, leveraging the fact that we innovate and take risks,” Valdez said.

Morena Valdez attributes the continued growth of tourism in El Salvador to Bitcoin. Source: Press Secretariat of El Salvador.

Tourism in El Salvador continues to grow hand in hand with Bitcoin

What Morena Valdez says confirms the upward trend of tourism in Salvadoran territory. As CriptoNoticias reported in May this year, more than a million visitors traveled to El Salvador in five months.. That was a growth of 42% compared to 2022.

The same thing happened in February 2022, shortly after the law making BTC legal tender came into effect. At the time, it was reported that tourism had grown by 30% thanks to the promotion of Bitcoin Law.

September 7th last year marked two years since the Bitcoin law came into effect, bringing the Central American country to a standstill the first in the world to use BTC as legal tender and give it the same parameters that the US dollar has in this country.

Although adoption of the asset is low among the majority of Salvadoran society, there is evidence that BTC has helped improve the lives of this country’s residents. This is the case of Napoleón Osorio, who recently told CriptoNoticias that his life has “changed for the better” in the last two years.

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