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Home » The ringleader of the alleged Omegapro pyramid scheme is arrested in Mexico

The ringleader of the alleged Omegapro pyramid scheme is arrested in Mexico

Important facts:
  • The Mexican authorities found weapons, money and drugs during the police investigation.

  • Those affected by Omegapro in Colombia say they have lost 280,000 million pesos.

Mexican authorities arrested Juan Carlos Reynoso, Omegapro’s manager for Latin America, along with four other people during a police operation on alleged money laundering and illegal drug trafficking.

In addition to being a part of the alleged cryptocurrency pyramid scheme, Omegapro, Reynoso is part of an investment and financial advisory firm called Black Wall Street Capital, based in Mexico City, as stated by website the company

The financial company would Connections and dealings with the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartelone of the most dangerous in Mexico, from agreeor to Infobae.

In the Black Wall Street Capital raid, authorities found firearms, $170,000 and suspected drugs.

When Reynoso was arrested, Hernán Samper Richar, Juan Carlos Minero Alonso, José Antonio Rodríguez García and José Luis (no surname) were also arrested.

Reynoso and Omegapro in Colombia

Reynoso, who describes himself as a certified consultant and leadership coach on his website, is Peruvian and one of Omegapro’s ringleaders. This is a cryptocurrency investment platform that is being investigated by the Colombian authorities.

In November last year, Omegapro users in Colombia reported that they were unable to access the funds they had invested. According to Reynoso himself, the platform received several cyber attackswhich did not allow them to receive their funds.

According to Asoblockchain Colombia, which currently offers legal counsel to those affected by Omegapro, at least that is what was suggested 280 people lost 280,000 million pesoswhich equates to $50 million.

Camilo Suárez, president of this Colombian organization, recently told CriptoNoticias that they have decided to declare war on crypto asset pyramid schemes.

“Not only will we provide them with legal advice, but we will also represent those affected by cryptocurrency fraud before the Attorney General’s Office,” Suárez said.

The Colombian supervisory authority Superfinanciera for its part exposed the promotion and publicity of Omegapro.

In addition to Colombia, the authorities of chili And Spain have warned investors about Omegapro as it does not have their authorization to operate in these respective jurisdictions.

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