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They will use the My First Bitcoin model to educate people incarcerated in the US.

Important facts:
  • The community project created the Bars to Bitcoin Reentry Tour.

  • The show was inspired by an ex-con who relied on bitcoin to reintegrate into society.

The US organization Bitcoin Transformation Community will use the My First Bitcoin education model to teach incarcerated people in the US peer-to-peer e-cash.

His project called Bars to Bitcoin Re-Entry Tour, aims to give hopeMotivation and financial independence for those convicted of a crime who remain in prison.

“We want to use the spirit of Bitcoin (BTC) to ensure financial inclusion, to empower underserved communities and to promote education,” as the project is described on the crowdfunding platform with BTC Geyser Fund.

The publication adds that the program was conceived with the idea of ​​raising awareness the value bitcoin can have for inmates; Give hope at release and teach prison mining to defend the cryptocurrency pioneer’s integrity.

The organization also announced on Twitter Advertising Today Your decision to integrate My First Bitcoin into your programbecause it is “ideal for providing financial education to incarcerated people from a bitcoin perspective”

The project is co-founded by Justin Rhedrick, author of the book From Bars to Bitcoin, a young man who recounts his journey to get there Financial independence through BTC after leaving prison at the age of 23.

“That year, Justin joined a group of returnees who encouraged him to share his story, knowledge, skills and financial journey with incarcerated citizens across the United States. “Thus the Bars Return to Bitcoin Tour was born,” adds the organization that will run it first stop next Saturday, September 9, at Howard County Jail, Maryland, USA.

Afterward, Bitcoin training will reach ten public and private correctional facilities in Maryland, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Colorado to complete the 2023 reentry tour. His staff includes Kardell Sims, known as a prison expert, reentry coach, and prison prevention mentor.

Justin said in a recent interview that Bitcoin has the power to transform people. Source: TPBPod/Twitter.

My First Bitcoin, a key model for learning Bitcoin

The learning model established by the Salvadoran NGO Mi Primer Bitcoin not only reaches the United States, but also has a network of educators. so that your The decentralized project is now active worldwidesince it is used in almost 20 countries, as CriptoNoticias recently reported.

Part of its success is based on Doesn’t just focus on Bitcoin, but ‘shows the corruption of fiat money’. It’s a formula for uncovering money’s shortcomings and then showing students the strengths of Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer e-cash.

On the other hand, the My First Bitcoin tutorial shows the importance of proof of work in defense of integrity and precision of a decentralized financial system that has proven to be unfalsifiable.

In London, for example, the success of the My First Bitcoin model is said to be that it makes learning Bitcoin interactive. Therefore, the students experiment by transferring some sats (smallest BTC unit) to each other.

And now, the NGOs of El Salvador will receive a little miner that you can take to the classroom of courses where people can learn more about mining in a practical way.

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