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This is the new Avalon Made A13661 for bitcoin mining

Important facts:
  • The new mining equipment has a power of 165 TH/s.

  • The announcement was made during the 2023 Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

Canaan, a leading manufacturer of bitcoin mining equipment, has launched its new product: the Avalon Made – Immersion Cooling Miner (A1366I). It is a miner that works under a liquid immersion cooling system, which allows it to achieve higher performance and efficiency than traditional miners.

The presentation of this equipment did yesterday, during the 2023 Bitcoin Conference in Miami. The Avalon A13661 has a hash rate of 165 TH/s, power consumption of 4,950 W and efficiency of 30 J/TH. Additionally, it can operate at an overclock rate of up to 38%, meaning you can boost its performance without sacrificing stability.

According to Canaan, this miner offers Reduced cost per terabyte and increased durability, as this eliminates the dust problem and the use of a fan (thereby reducing the noise drastically). Other characteristic The biggest part of this bitcoin mining equipment is its weight, which reaches 9.7 kg.

The new Bergmann Avalon Made A13661 is powered by liquid immersion cooling. Source: Canaan/Twitter.

The liquid immersion cooling system consists of immersing the miner’s modules in a special coolant that dissipates the heat generated by the chips. In this way, the use of fans is avoided and the environment in mining farms is improved.

This model complements a generation of mining machines The focus is on the use of sustainable energy and zero emissions. These new devices include two of the new MicroBT WhatsMiner M50 series that were unveiled yesterday, CriptoNoticias reports.

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