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Tier1 presents the keys to your business LIVE

Tier1, a Spanish technology company, leader in the design and implementation of software and delivery with maintenance of ICT infrastructure, increased its turnover to 18.3 million euros in 2022, 7.1% more. Compared to the year before the pandemic, the growth is 83% according to the results published today.

The figures show the improvement in the composition of revenue, with an increase in the weight of software area up to 42% from 35% in 2021, with a growth of retail industry of 17%. Both indicators show the company’s good work in terms of fulfilling its strategic plan, where retail software activities are becoming increasingly important. Likewise, recurring revenues make up more than 50% of annual business volume, having grown 26% from 2021 and 74% from 2020.

In terms of sales volume, the growth of the software division also stands out, up 29% from 2021 and 127% from pre-pandemic levels.

The company ended last year with a EBITDA of 1.9 million euros, 10.4% of sales compared to 2.2 million in 2021. The quality improvement in the composition of the Group’s EBITDA stands out, with software products accounting for 29% of this division’s sales. However, the ordering of large infrastructure projects by major chains in the retail sector weighed on short-term EBITDA in this business segment.

This Thursday, Tier1 LIVE will present the key to the company’s business and its latest news, including the release of 2022 earnings and year-to-date guidance. The presentation will take place this Thursday, May 4th, at 5:00 p.m Eduardo Fuentesal, Executive President Tier 1.

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