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TradingView enables viewing of spot Bitcoin ETFs

TradingView is expanding its viewing platform to include spot Bitcoin ETFs. From now on, platform users can track and monitor the price of these exchange-traded funds, whose underlying benchmark is Bitcoin (BTC).

The following eleven Bitcoin exchange-traded funds have been added to the trading platform: Grayscale Bitcoin Trust; Bitwise Bitcoin ETF; Hashdex Bitcoin ETF; iShares Bitcoin Trust; Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund; ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF; Invesco Galaxy Bitcoin ETF; VanEck Bitcoin Trust; WisdomTree Bitcoin Fund; Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund; and Franklin Bitcoin ETF.

Out of TradingViewUsers interested in tracking and trading can observe the ETFs' charts and price movements in real time.

Likewise, they can access information about them: trading start date, homepage of the issuer's company, exchange on which it is listed, management style and other classifications of the asset. Also news, analysis, trader ideas and technical indicators on each fund, although profiles of these assets are expected to be updated as they are current and do not contain all available information.

Bitcoin ETFs were approved in the first half of January. Source: TradingView

How can I view Bitcoin ETFs on TradingView?

To find these ETFs in TradingView, you need to go to the search bar or access them using the Ctrl + K commands. In the search engine you need to enter the word “Bitcoin”.

Once this is done, it is important to immediately select the “Symbols” tab and then “Funds” in the list of asset classes and filter them by placing “US” in the “Countries” sub-filter and ETFs in the “Assets” sub-filter.

TradingView is an extremely popular platform in the world of investing. Source: TradingView

Once this is done, the following list will appear with: Bitcoin ETF was recently approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is also possible to use quote tags (ticker) to find each one individually using the search engine. The labels with their respective links to each of the Bitcoin spot ETFs listed in TradingView are the following:

I BIT – iShares Bitcoin

BITB –Bitwise Bitcoin

DEFI –TidalBitcoin

ARKB –ARK Bitcoin

GBTC – Grayscale Bitcoin

FBTC –FidelityBitcoin

BTCW – WisdomTree Bitcoin

BTCO –Invesco Bitcoin

BRRR – Valkyrie Bitcoin

HODL –VanEck Bitcoin

EZBC –Franklin Bitcoin

Other Bitcoin ETFs exist outside the United States. Source: TradingView

In addition to viewing and analyzing financial assets, TradingView allows direct trading on its platform. According to its support page, TradingView is compatible with 50 brokers and exchanges different. Some of them allow you to trade ETFs, such as ActivTrades,, BlackBull, Phillip Nova or Pepperstone, to name just a few. According to current information, the exchange Interactive Brokers, a trading company compatible with TradingView, already offers these listed Bitcoin products. Other popular international brokers such as E-Trade, Fidelity, Robinhood or eToro already offer this Bitcoin product on the stock exchange.

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