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Trezor adds SOL token and Solana blockchain to its hardware wallets

Trezorthe first cryptocurrency hardware wallet brand in history, Advertising the implementation of the Solana network in your wallets.

The Solana blockchain is integrated into the firmware of the Trezor Model T and Trezor Safe 3 from today, December 20, 2023. The company does not clarify whether the Trezor Model One will also have access to the Solana network.

With this integration the Trezor wallets enable the storage, shipping and receipt of SOL, the native token of the Solana network. Also the interaction with SPL tokens (Solana Program library), a type of standard developed by the Solana network that allows minting, transferring and burning of tokens. The SPL is to Solana what the ERC20 or ERC721 standards are to the Ethereum network.

Trezor Model T and Trezor Safe 3 are the beneficiaries of this update.

In practice, users who buy a Trezor or own one, can now manage the following tokens on the network via Trezor Suite or compatible cold wallets: Raydium (RAY), Saber (SBR), Samo (SAMO), Bonfida (FIDA), Stepn (STEP), Zebec (ZEBE), Orca (ORCA). In general, cryptocurrencies adapted to the Solana blockchain (native or non-native) are compatible.

Which tokens does Trezor support?

Trezor primarily supports Bitcoin and ERC-20 tokens in its native Trezor Suite app. At the time of writing, there are many tokens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem that are not supported by this application and can only be accessed with a Trezor wallet It is used in conjunction with another online wallet such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Exodus or StellarPort.

Some wallet users are wondering how big this integration with Solana is and whether the wallet will have native access to SOL token staking with this new implementation. Trezor It didn't take him long to respond to one of them, noting that while they were considering adding it, There is not yet an exact date for the use of the cryptocurrency.

As CriptoNoicias recently reported, Trezor announced a permanent discount on its Trezor Model One and Trezor Model T wallets. The current prices to buy a Trezor Model One and a Model T They cost $59 and $179 respectively, while previously they cost $69 and $219 respectively. There were no discounts for Trezor Safe 3, the company's latest wallet model.

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