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Unicaja, Indra, Naturgy and the signs of a turnaround

Unicaja: In search of overcoming resistance

Unicaja Banco is currently at a crucial juncture. After weeks of attacking the very long-term rising guideline, it has managed to stay above that benchmark. This fact, together with the horizontal area around €0.8937 / €0.877 per share serving as support, could indicate a long-term uptrend.

In this context, the occurrence of accumulation figures of lower rank, such as a possible double bottom, is worth mentioning. This chart figure is a reversal pattern that suggests a possible reversal of the current downtrend. However, we need a break above €0.9555 per share to confirm.

If this double bottom pattern is confirmed, we could witness the next bullish targets update, which will point to the area of ​​technical relevance, which lies between €1,079 and €1,049 per share. It will be crucial to keep an eye on the volume over the coming days to see if this potential rise has investor support.

Indra: Possible signs of a bullish recovery

For his part, Indra seems to be showing some signs of strength. The daily MACD oscillator is showing positive divergences, which could be a sign that the downtrend is losing momentum. Additionally, these divergences are emerging in areas that may be considered oversold, reinforcing the possible signal of a trend reversal.

Regarding the price curve, there is a possibility of a bullish formation in the form of a double bottom. As previously mentioned, this chart pattern is a strong indicator of a possible trend reversal. However, to confirm this pattern, we need to see a break above €11.72 per share.

If this move materializes and exceeds €11.72, the feasibility of the last forecast lower high of €12.10 per share could be tested. If breached, it would confirm a short-term trend reversal and allow an update of the bullish targets towards €12.80 / €12.67 per share.

Naturgy: Aim for resistance

Naturgy is also showing signs of strength. Recently, it left a rising low in the short term, which could indicate an uptrend. From this minimum, the company launched its second attack on the identified resistance around €27.08 / €26.73 per share in the last few weeks.

Should Naturgy manage to overcome this resistance, a structure of increasing ups and downs would develop in the short term. This would be a strong indication that the downtrend could turn in favor of the uptrends.

Finally, it is important to note that this possible bullish structure would be reinforced by the major upside directive over the very long term. If this trend reversal is confirmed, we might propose an update on the following upside targets targeting the significant €28.88 / €28.70 per share resistance area.

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