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Walmart battles Amazon with its Walmart+ Assist subscription

The major US traditional or digital retailers saw one interesting niche to attract subscribers with citizens receiving government support. Therefore, Walmart You have decided to upgrade your subscription Walmart+ Assist to compete with someone Amazonthat your subscription offers Prime with discount accordingly Colette Bennett in The Street..

Yesterday, Walmart announced an addition to its Walmart+ subscription called Walmart+ Assist. It was specifically designed to help those receiving government assistance Walmart+ membership benefits for $49 per year, 50% off regular price.

“The program is available to all eligible new and existing members,” the ad reads. “Existing members who qualify and sign up will receive a prorated refund and the new pricing will be effective immediately.”

Amazon Prime also offers his own program for those receiving government support, which also provides: 50% off Prime per monthbut it’s a bit more expensive 6.99dollar(83.88dollarYear).

The movement is obviously designed for that directly undermine Amazon’s service, and it’s part of a plan Walmart has been working on for some time. Yes OK Amazon looks larger than life, Walmart is still the top-selling retailer. But it has the downside only started their own subscription program in 2020while Amazon introduced Prime back in 2005and that 15-year hiatus gave him plenty of time to acquire clients.

The last official confirmation of subscribers from Amazon dates back to 2020 and called 200 million. In the meantime, Walmart has 59 millionbased on consumer survey data (Walmart has not officially confirmed subscriber count).

However with More than 41 million Americans receive food aid the government from 2022, $49 a year is probably a lot more attractive than $83. In other words, Amazon better watch out because Walmart is catching up.

Walmart Trading higher this Friday with a major upside gap to $158.57. The 70 and 200 period moving averages remain below the price, the RSI is rising at 63 points and the MACD fast line (blue) with an upward move but still below the slow line (red). Although both above the zero level.

The medium-term resistance stands at $159.06, just below the current price. Meanwhile, the egg indicators are mixed.

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