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“We confirm that contracts can be agreed in Bitcoin in Argentina”

Argentine Chancellor Diana Mondino spoke after the presentation of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) by Javier Milei, confirming that contracts can be concluded with Bitcoin (BTC) or any other cryptocurrency, even in “varieties like Kilo”. Oxen or liters of milk,” depending on the payment method each person wants to use.

The official one wrote in X (formerly Twitter): “We ratify and “We confirm that contracts can be concluded in Bitcoin in Argentina.”. His message immediately sparked a reaction from the community, as many believe the measure grants freedom in reaching agreements.

He doesn't actually mention anything new in his tweet, because “Before the Emergency Necessity Decree or DNU, contracts could also be agreed in Bitcoin and in any way,” as the auditor Marcos Zocaro commented in an interview with CriptoNoticias.

As Zocaro explained, before the DNU, the Argentine Civil Code stipulated that all foreign currencies were considered non-cash liabilities and could be redeemed in pesos.

However, the change introduced by decree now stipulates that the debtor must deliver the corresponding quantity of the designated type, regardless of whether the currency is legal tender in Argentina or not. It means that If the process was agreed in Bitcoin, it must be canceled In Bitcoin or in any form originally agreed upon.

In any case, Diana Mondino's statement that contracts can be concluded in Bitcoin in Argentina has sparked an intense debate about the future of transactions and the adoption of Bitcoin in the country.

Many believe that the freedom and free competition of currencies that Argentina will now have will have an increasing impact on Bitcoin adoption in the country and opened a new era in trade

However, lawyer Camilo Jorajuría also commented on this, focusing on the provisions in Article 72 of the DNU.

«For me there is the decree a step backwards in the introduction of Bitcoin because wages cannot be made in Bitcoin, but in fiat, and that is now clear,” he added.

In the meantime it continues talk Twitter about the legalization of Bitcoin in Argentina, however, does not take into account that the civil code has legalized the digital currency in the South American country for years.

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