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Which sectors have the greatest potential and how can we fight inflation?

Another week in equity markets has drawn attention to central banks as investors continue to seek opportunities in an environment of uncertainty.

The remarkable investment presence of Spanish companies in Latin America is one of the main characteristics and results of the successful internationalization process of the Spanish economy. Two of the greats of the Ibex 35, Aena and Mapfre have a past, present and future in Latam that is vital and prosperous to their business.

Which sectors currently have the greatest potential on the stock market? “Luxury is very resilient.” Ignacio Cantos, Managing Partner of Atl Capital, offers his vision of the market, assessing the season of results in the Ibex 35 as positive and staying on the potential offered by sectors such as luxury, banking and energy.

He The consumer price index (CPI) rose to 4.1% in Spain in tas “Luxury is very crisis-proof in April compared to the previous year,” according to the leading indicator created by INE. This indicator previews the CPI, which, if confirmed, would mean an eight-tenth increase in its annual rate, as this deviation was 3.3% in March. We offer you nine dividends from the Continuous Market to beat underlying inflation.

Within the Ibex, Aena, Amaedus and IAG it is the winning trio of the Spanish selection so far this year. Are there opportunities to get into these companies? That says the analyst Roberto Moro, who would only consider the IAG from 1.80 euros.

The new edition of “En el Punto de Mira” features Marta Campos, Investor Relations Manager at Rovi, who presents live the results of the first quarter of the year and, together with María Mira, analyzes the company’s business in depth. Fundamental analyst for investment strategies.

“As less and less water falls from the sky, we must use it, recycle it, not waste it and maximize the productivity of what we have,” María Mira also explains.. And Veolia Environnement, a leading group in the field of services related to water, waste treatment and also represented in the energy sector, is committed to this.

If there is someone who knows about investing Warren Buffett, Founder of Berkshire Hathaway. The Omaha Circle pointed this out during last Saturday’s annual meeting The greatest investment opportunities come when other people do stupid things accordingly Josh Schafer at Yahoo Finance. What Are Warren Buffett’s Biggest Investment Opportunities?

Bitcoin ends ‘crypto winter’ at $100,000 in 2024. The market’s first cryptocurrency is entering a new week after closing the last one almost flat and maintaining some of the year’s gains in a fresh attempt to mark the $30,000 mark he’s not coming yet. Not even the optimists are thinking about new highs this year.

Back to the Spanish Stock Exchange, Antonio de Cárcer, Director of Investor Relations at Prosegur, presented in Investment Strategies the development of the company in the first quarter of the year, in which the company achieved a consolidated net profit of 13 million euros and a profitability of 22.7%. It also sheds light on the company’s prospects for the coming months. “Prosegur has had a very good start to the year and has maintained the momentum of 2022.”

In addition, José Ramón Calvo, Corporate General Director of Alquiber, presented live for Investment Strategies the development of the flexible leasing business in 2022 and the financial figures at the end of the year: “Morningstar puts the fair price at 8.32 euros.” The campaign has a long way to go way ahead.”

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