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Home » Zooko Wilcox is stepping down as CEO of Electric Coin, the company behind Zcash

Zooko Wilcox is stepping down as CEO of Electric Coin, the company behind Zcash

Important facts:
  • Wilcox has been a key figure in the development of Zcash since its inception.

  • “The Zcash community is the best hope for freedom,” said the now former CEO of ECC.

The renowned cryptographer Zooko Wilcox announced this Monday, December 18, his resignation as CEO of Electric Coin (ECC), the company behind the development of the cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC), although he makes it clear that he will continue to be part of it Board of Directors and will continue to serve as technical advisor to the project.

Wilcox, will be replaced by Josh Swihartwho will take over the management from now on, it is said a publication of Electric Coin's blog, which mentions a new approach to Zcash in a “new season.” All with the idea of ​​“finding the right product for the market”.

Electric Coin Company was founded in 2015 Wilcox led the project to promote the development of Zcash. Now its main founder will continue to contribute to the development of the ecosystem by becoming a director on the board of the Bootstrap Project, ECC's parent company.

In another post Wilcox found himself conflicted when he said: “Long term, I don't think this combination of Zcash with me is healthy for me personally, and I don't think it's healthy for Zcash.”

Then he added: “Anything I commit to in the future would have to include Zcashbecause the Zcash community is the best hope for freedom.

However, some in the community expressed surprise at ECC's sudden announcement other members As Tuur Demeestre said, he had long recognized that Zcash was doomed for both architectural and operational reasons.

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